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Throughout the organization, the staff, the volunteers and employees of Bababoom join the pain that struck Chiniery and devastated entire communities of Fermo, for the death of Emmanuel.

We are for years addicted to crime, tragic events racially motivated are the order of the day, but we could not remain indifferent to such a serious incident affecting deep in an area like ours, that made acceptance and respect of neighbor of the cardinal points.

The Bababoom festival has always promoted the principles of brotherhood and solidarity, and is a place to meet and exchange between different cultures, where diversity is never a sign of conflict, but a source of enrichment.

In collaboration with the international prize 'The Weak Link' to 'Capodarco The Other Festival', we had already scheduled the screening of documentaries and short films, which on Thursday July 14 would focus on immigration, refugees , the journeys of hope.

The sleep of reason produces monsters, and the only cure is the culture, mutual understanding and sharing.

We will dedicate this day to the memory of Emmanuel, in the hope that events like this will never happen again. It depends only on us, on our mentality, our capacity to love life and to embrace each person for what he is, a human being.


day by day guide

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Wednesday July 13

8:30 Opening Kite Beach park in collaboration with Ass.cult TRIBALKITE

9:00 opened input boxes and camping

9:30 Bababoom Art contest 2016 painting contest Free subscription.

Space buddha

18:30 Meditation

All days Individual sessions: Craniosacral, Ayurvedic Massage

Thaylandese, Reflexology, Flow Yoga, spiritual massage, Reiki

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Due to unavoidable commitments from the band Rusty Rockerz classified in fifth position, will be on stage the sixth classified Moon Mean.


We thank Rusty Rockerz with the hope to see you soon on the festival stage Bababoom.


Completed the selection we present the five band qualified for the Bababoom Band Contest and will play on the festival's Main Stage

Thursday July 14 will be the turn of Rusty Rockerz

"Moon I Mean" is the English transliteration of a Bengali name. Roots reggae, rock influences, soulful melodies: this is the air that is breathed in by the live band Roman Moon Mean. Active since 2014, online in early 2015 they released their first EP "Moon I Mean" (on Jamendo, the free music platform, the first track has over 50,000 plays and 8,000 downloads). In May 2015 they arrive first among 48 bands in the "We protest 2.0", music contest organized by the local Contestaccio of Rome. They played live in many different contexts and out of Rome between local / squares / festival / private parties receiving many consents (sharing stages also with international groups and not as Will and the People, Raphael & Eazy Skankers, Adriano Bono, Villa Ada Posse , Welcome 2 the Jungle ..). Currently, besides the live, they are dedicated to the preparation of the debut album due out next fall.


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Friday, July 15 will be the third and fourth classified band to take the stage before Macka B and will be the Red Stripes and the Via Smoke.

The Red Stripes born in Rome in occupied social center Groundhog from Faro in December of 2001, thanks to the meeting of some guys with a passion for Reggae music and the same rebellious message. Over the years the band has opened many concerts of Italian and international artists such as 24 Grana, Roots in Cement, Chop Chop Band, Al Mukawama, Punkreas, Junior Delgado, Macka B., Michael Rose and so on. In Rome, the band has performed in many social, local centers and festivals of the city but also throughout Italy. In 2006 the band won the Rototom Sunsplash Reggae contest and together with the Sardinian Roots Train to open the festival and sharing the stage with the likes of Junior Kelly likes, Africa Unite and Burning Spear.

The band defines its sound style: "Roots, Rock, Reggae" definitely influenced by the more 'classic

Jamaican reggae reworked in a modern way. To date the band has 7 elements (vocals, keyboards, drums, bass, guitar, percussion and backing vocals). After a silence that had lasted since 2010, when they released the album "Dissociety", the Red Stripes are back with a new project that sees a great partnership, that of Michael Rose. The output of this

EP ( "Out of Babylon") opens glimmers more, a new vision of unexpected horizons.

"We do not rule out the idea of an EP probing before the release of the actual album", so it was de or so was, almost like a wish goes well. The single of the highly successful Red Stripes Out Of Babylon, with the prestigious collaboration of a big name like Michael Rose, has not displaced

few professionals in the sector, both for the beauty of the song in the strict sense, both for the new path that the individual a glimpse, very interesting, focused on minimal arrangements and rhythmic roots of the bottom,

with slight but effective graft par electronic weather ture "We practice courage," says Ras Santo, voice and Red Stripes leader.

The Via Smoke united by a common passion for reggae music, the desire to have fun and spend a memorable evening some kids decide to try to turn into music the poems of Marco Doneda, a Milanese rhythm guitarist. So around April 2015, completes the line-up of Alessandro Migliano to Voice, Marco Doneda on rhythm guitar, Gianmarco Masala on drums, Matthew Francioso on percussion, Alan Barbizzi on bass, Andrea Toccaceli on lead guitar and Alessandro Spoldi on keyboards. After a few months they start the first live performances of the band who has since found the name that identifies the most, "Via Smoke", inspired by the way in which teenagers were passing evenings trying to escape from the reality in which we stood, looking for a parallel reality in which the important thing was to dream and where it felt great ever so modestly.

During the summer, the group creates a great understanding and this allows you to be able to get in the studio in November, after a few months of testing, and record the first work, Inspiration.

The album contains seven new songs identifying the roots style that Via Smoke trasmetteno with their melodies and the typical hypnotic rhythm of reggae.

Soon after the recording of Inspiration percussionist Matthew said 'Bonzo faya' decided to leave Italy and the band to move to Spain and Via Smoke comes Luca Giannotti that takes in all respects his place at the drums.

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Finally the top two finishers out of the rankings of the judges and the popular vote, Babalù and Devon and Jah Brothers will present their show Sunday, July 17 before the concert Freddie McGregor Chino & Stephen Di Genius from Jamaica.

Devon and Jah Brothers is a reggae Italian band of Rimini born from the union of friends and fellow musicians, united by their passion for reggae music. In the winter of 2013, the meeting between the musicians and the source Nigerian singer Devon Miles, gave birth to a musical show full of energy and in perfect harmony with the current Rastafari and reggae music movement-roots-dancehall that results. Debut in Spring 2014, immediately gaining a great approval from the audience for the determination and the good vibes, combined explosive stage presence of frontman. This gives them the chance to perform in the most important clubs of the Romagna coast as the Velvet Rock Club and Rock island of Rimini. Currently they are performing as a reggae cover band tribute, with a rich repertoire ranging from classic Bob Marley to the modern dancehall and reggae rockers style. Right now they are focusing their energies in the studio, in the creation of their first album of new songs!

Training Devon Ebah (voice) Marcello Grossi (keyboards, vocals) Daniel Bartoli (guitar, vocals) William Baiocchi (guitar) Fabrizio Torelli (low) Matthew Patrignani (drums) Andrea Patricelli (percussion).

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Babalù is a group that comes to power in the summer of 2009 based on a project that aims at the continuous fusion of sounds, from reggae to hip hop, from the roots to dub.

The pieces are arranged and recorded in the home studio "CasaLunatica and Euphonica", but in reality it is in these alchemical worlds that the songs come alive.

The texts are born from the hands of Gianluca Sanza (vocals and dub master) and Ramon Perez Batista (vocals and percussion), often starting with a drum groove or simply somewhere guitar chord, and then are arranged with the intake Rocco Sante Sabia (guitar, accordion and vocals), Peppe Russo (low) Fabio Saturday (drums) and Alessio Guacci (keyboards and programming).

The songs deal with current social issues, sometimes they tell of life lived and often are intimate and profound reflections.

The electronics merger with the acoustic instruments enhances the sound of the band, emphasizing the rhythm of the bass, the drums and percussion, and this creates a solid support to the metric of the song.

In 2011 Babalu won the prize "best text" in the national competition "musicultura" (ex Recanati Prize) with the song "My brother is a Pakistani."

At the end of 2013, with a partial change of formation, it is revolutionizing not only the writing style, abandoning the dialect used in the first work "steady rate", but also the style of music, moving away from the traditional sounds of the south

and inserting, in addition to reggae / dub rhythm Latin nuances thanks to the Cuban singer percussionist Ramon Perez Batista.

The Babalu project has a purpose, to put in a cauldron, as did the witches and wizards, all the magic ingredients that belong to the music. By reggae / dub rhythms with electronic sounds of dub step up to the hip hop metrics.

A real magic potion, rich in elements, words and sound.

The lyrics are inspired by everyday life, that of the streets of love, of children who go on the slide, from pasta dishes from the simplest things. A virtual journey through the houses and the people, the LIFE. That's the word "life", that every day, the one that belongs to each of us, and that day by day manages to surprise us with news items or a sensational discovery, wealth and poverty, the white and the black.

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Missing just over a month to Bababoom festival, and last Wednesday, June 1 will be closed the registrations to Bababoom band contest.

There are 17 bands entered the fourth edition of the competition promoted by Bababoom.

As last year only 5 band will take the stage, only the first 10 will receive the popular vote.

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Bababoom festival began on the Launch Parties, another great new feature this year, which will premiere throughout Italy and the sound of Bababoom festival atmosphere feat. Sud Sound System, Johnny Clarke, Aba Shanty, King Shiloh, Earl Gateshead and many more!


These are the dates announced so far:


April 15: Forlì

April 16: Porto Torres

April 22: Milan

April 23: Rome

April 23: Ancona

May 7: Civitanova Marche

May 14: Bari

May 20: Rome

May 20: Giulianova

May 21: Bologna

May 27: Ravenna


The grand finale will be May 28, simultaneously in Recanati (feat. South Sound System Official), and Milan (feat. Dread Lion Hi.Fi).


Take advantage of BABABUS the ticket includes round trip by bus.

Reservations will be available from December 7, 2015 at a discount of 50% until April 30!

Limited seats! Hurry!



The schedules will be published on the site after June 1, 2015.

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