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festival dub

The culture of self-built sound system and the passion for music vinyl are two of the main characteristics of the DJs in this area.

Dub, Roots, Digital and Stepper will be musical genres prevalent in the area, played with powerful sound system present.

The area is located at the bottom to the festival and this year will be covered by a large marquee. It will operate from 00:30 hours until late at night.

In past editions of the festival Bababoom performed in this area, always amplified by the sound system and the Marches veterans of the local reggae scene Unity Bass, Double spliff and Kunta Kinte, Dubandground and names of world interest. Let's start with some of the Italians as: Dread Lion Hi-fi stereo, 48 roots, Jah Thunder, Natural Dub Cluster, Resistence in Dub, Bababoom Hi Fi, Muccigna roots, I_nima, and many others, up to the foreign guests as: Iration Steppas ft Dan Man, OBF ft Shanty D, Channel One, Zion Train, Aba Shanti I, Brother Culture, Mungo's Hi Fi, only Banton, King General, Bush Chemist, Ras Digby, El Fata, Riddim Tuffa. Many others escape us and many others will be present this year to spread powerful vibes to all participants!


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