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Space dedicated to relaxation, well-being, the body-mind-spirit connection with Meditation, Yoga, workshops and individual sessions




GROUP activities

Information for the participants:

  • Bring a mat and pillow / support to sit

  • The group activities are TOTALLY FREE and do not require booking




ore 10:00-11:00


ore 18:30-19:30













Encountering the Other
























  • Hatha Yoga: makes use of body postures (asanas) with which the practitioner amplifies the characteristics and mental attitudes. Every posture brings together more energy to specific parts of the body. The postures, therefore, are not only complex gymnastic exercises, but instruments to channel the energy into the various parts of the body.


    FLOW YOGA: It is a shortened form of the phrase "Yoga Vinyasa flow." This form of Yoga is based on movements synchronized with the breath. The word "flow" refers to the way the poses are strung together gracefully, and how you moves the yoga practitioner with each breath, while the sequence of movements come together like a dance. Although we have seen in many classes the sle of Hatha, one of the most popular sequences of Vinyasa Yoga is Surya Namaskar (the Sun Salutations).


    MEDITATION: techniques to develop self-awareness through focused attention in the present moment and Compassion Loving. Develop these attitudes enables the management of stress and anxiety, giving vitality, mental calmness, love for oneself and others.


    Laboratory Encountering the Other: through the senses and letting go of the mind, you will experience a new way to hear and be heard, beyond the rationality of doing, the image of yourself and others.




    Workshop TO TAKE CARE OF SE 'WITH SELF: in this workshop will learn the ancient oriental method to maintain health and vitality. Through various techniques you can restore the balance of your body and allow yourself moments of comfort whenever you want



(Massage and Holistic Disciplines)


Holistic qualified operators are available to offer you an hour of health, relaxation, awareness and re-balance energy.





Reservations are required at reception, where you will be issued with a ticket that consegnerai reference operator.

All disciplines have a duration ranging from 45 to 60 min.

Bring a towel.

NB: contributions are reduced to a minimum to offer everyone this possibility




It 'a sweet manual method, born in osteopathic, allowing a rebalancing of the person at the physiological, emotional and mental, as well as a deep space of relaxation and wellness. Through a light and loving touch, and thanks to the understanding of the anatomical and physiological mechanisms, it takes place a process of healing and deep re-balance the body. The client contacts a deep relaxation, peace, slowing of thought and a sense of wholeness and unity.




It helps to circulate the vital fluids and eliminate body waste matter and mind. It nourishes and revitalizes the tissues, improves blood circulation, helps the body remove toxins, improves flexibility, tone and oxygenation of the skin. It promotes vitality and reduces stress, helps sleep and relieves pain and muscle fatigue.



Combines massage characteristics (handling and muscle stimulation), chiropractic (manipulation of the bony parts) and digitopresione (application of deep and constant pressure to specific nerves, tendons and ligaments), acting along the energy channels (meridians-shen), in order to restore the proper circulation of vital energy. This ancient art is focused on the musculoskeletal system, and is applied with delicate strength in muscles, joints, ligaments, bones and connective tissues. The body is elongated, stretched and manipulated so nice and deep with hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, knees, feet. The body of the person being treated "answers", recovering from the deep and manifesting their own vital resources; then relax the tensions and allow to liberate the whole energy.



Technique by which it restores the energy balance of the body, using a particular type of massage that, through stimulation and compression of specific points of the feet, energetically related to organ systems, allows you to exercise a preventive action, and d ' intervention of any organism imbalances.



An individual lesson in which the teacher will facilitate the person to identify specific needs that the body requires at the time. The sequence can be repeated learned individually, autonomously.


massage that works to improve the flow of energy through the seven main energy centers of the subtle body. It is done a very fine job through the colors, scents of the oils, the musical vibrations, breathing, visualizations, crystals. Working on the chakras you participate in the energy kundalini awakening.


It makes use of the hands to transfer energy through contact that aims to restore the disturbed balance in body and spirit, accelerating the patient's healing process.

It is based on the Eastern conception that human well-being depends on a balanced functioning of the channels and energy centers, the chakras, and through the laying on of hands are freed and cleaned thanks to the flow of energy imposed that restores harmony.





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